Accounts Outsourcing Service

In search of Accounting Services in Dubai, UAE?

It is seen globally that many small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs find it challenging to hire a resource with the right skill set to manage their accounting & bookkeeping services. It is worth considering an accounting firm with the right skills and experience that are in a position to undertake the same tasks in a more professional and cost-effective manner.

Benefits of Accounts Services Outsourcing

  • Cost savings – When you hire a full-time accountant, you have to keep in mind the additional costs including leave salary, travel & accommodation, medical insurance and gratuity, among others, in addition to the salary package. Often times, it is seen that a full-time employee with the right experience comes at a hefty cost for a small business or start-up.
  • Time-saving – Outsourcing administrative tasks like accounting free up a small business owner’s time and one can focus on developing and building their businesses, while these tasks are being taken care of by professionals.
  • Expert services – Accounts outsourcing providers have to keep themselves updated with the latest in reporting, accounting software, tax laws, and other areas to keep themselves competitive. Usually, you can find a professional with a higher level of expertise at an accounting firm, at an affordable price.
  • Flexible contracts – You can use the services of an outsourced accounting services provider as and when you need it. It is often easier to terminate an accounting firm’s services when compared to a full-time employee.
  • Better internal controls – At times, this can help control any possible fraud by staff within the organization. An outsourced accounting firm is accountable for quality and accuracy control.
  • High level of accuracy – Dedicated outsourced staff usually handle accounting and payroll services efficiently.
  • Retention of accounts team – In a market where accounting professionals are constantly looking for new opportunities, it helps when an accounting firm takes charge for the sake of continuity/retention. These firms usually offer replacements when the concerned accountant in charge is on leave.