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As I remember, yasir was a very productive person. Yasir is an energetic and detail oriented professional that cannot be overestimated. Reliable, innovative and eager. If you need a highly committed perfectionist, yasir is the right person. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, yasir is your man!

Syed Muhammad Adil

He is smart, creative and daring and that combination has helped him and his company drive their top line growth. He believes in giving best by applying the same mind-set to every project that is handed to him. Yasir was an inspiration to everyone in his department at A.F.Ferguson & Co.. It is an honour to recommend Yasir to anyone who wants great results.

Muhammad Noman Farooq

I have shared some quality work time with Yasir on some audits in Pakistan. He is a hardworking, dedicated and team player type of person. Extremely presentable and well prepared professional. I wish him every success in his upcoming career ahead.

Rehan Aziz

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